Similar to past GIMS conferences, talks will be arranged in a series of sessions that focus on current topical issues of broad interest. Tentative sessions include:



•    Gas Hydrates and Seafloor Methane during Past and Future Global Climate Change.


•    Mud Volcanoes: Structure, Plumbing, Chemistry and Triggering-Mechanisms.


•    Magma-Related Hydrocarbon Systems: Past and Present Cases.


•    The Complex Interplay of Methane in Marine Sedimentary Basins and Ice in Polar Regions.


•    How much Gas exists in Marine Sediment and how can this be constrained.


• The Diversity of Chemosynthetic Organisms at Gas Seeps and the potential need for Habitat     Protection.


•    Formation and Modification of Carbonate and other Minerals associated with Gas Seepage.


•    Offshore Gas Reservoirs as a Resource, Repository or Both.  



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