Draft Schedule


7:45: Gather at the Cadiz Parador main hall.


08.00: Departure from Cádiz Parador main hall.


08.00 – 09.30: Transit from Cádiz city to Conil.


09.30 – 10:30:  STOP 1: Conil beach  & cliffs . Walking at low tide along La Fontanilla beach from La Fuente del Gallo to El Roqueo chiringuito (1.5 km) to observe outcrops of  Sub-Betic units associated to mud volcanism in the Gulf of Cadiz: “Blue” marl diapir overlied  by sandy “syn-olistostromic” deposits (Late Tortonian to Messinian in age) with sandstones associated fluid structures

See video from GIM15 Field Trip by Maria de la Fuente

10.30 – 11.15: Transit from Conil beach to the Trafalgar Cape.


11.15 – 12.30:  STOP 2: Visit to the Trafalgar Cape. Walking along the beach (aprox. 20 min.) to see mega-blocks caused by tsunami associated to the main tsunami in the Gulf of Cádiz in 1755 affecting strongly to Cadiz and Lisbon cities.

12.30  – 14:30: LUNCH at Las Dunas chiringuito. Tapas menu (aprox. 40 euros per person). Note: payment will be by credit card or by cash individually per each person after the meal.

14:30 – 15:30: Transit from Trafalgar Cape to Bolonia beach. Crossing through the Vejer de la Frontera historical town. Observations of the Flysch units of the Gibraltar Arc in the transit.


15:30  – 18:00: STOP 3 Bolonia beach. Visit to the Roman port of Bolonia affected by historic and recent earthquakes. Observations of the Flysch Units of the Gibraltar Arc. Bolonia is planned the exit at the Spanish side of the submarine tunnel between Africa and Europe through the Gibraltar Strait. Observations of the north coast of Africa.

18.00 – 19:30: Return to the Parador of Cadiz (time estimated aprox. 1 h 20 min.)


19:30: Estimated time of arrival at the Parador of Cádiz

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